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The first step - calling an escort service

Your escort guide for London

What to expect when you call an escort service

Let's assume you have looked at the escort girls available on this very site, and found someone to your liking. That's part of the fun of it. Women with different physical attributes, who might not be available to you in real life are here, ready and waiting. You can select the woman you desire.

The next step is picking up the telephone and ringing the Escort Service. They'll ask you who you're interested in seeing, and when. If you have additional questions about the lady, something not answered in the discreet information provided in her profile, by all means ask.
Now is the time. Don't be shy. The operator has heard it all before. You may have questions about how many times you can climax, or whether the girl will kiss. He or she may not know the answer, it's simply not possible to be aware of all services provided by a large listing of ladies. One thing you can count on is that they'll do their very best to provide what you seek. It's good business to please the customer, and an Escort Service is a people business. The next thing they'll do is check to see if the particular escort girl is working at that time, and if she is, when she is available. If she is available, but at a later time than what you desire, they'll offer that. They might also ask you how the escort girl should be dressed. The escort will be discreet in what attire she arrives in, but perhaps you have a fancy for elegant attire, business wear, or even a school-girl look? If the escort girl you're after is not working, or unavailable at a time that is convenient for you, they'll offer an alternative. This is a good time to remind the Operator of the particular type of woman and services you're seeking, just in case this got lost along the way. Confirm the amount of time you wish to book the escort, and confirm the cost. With reputable agencies, this cost is the complete cost, and nothing more is expected. Of course if you're feeling particularly satisfied afterwards, a tip to the escort girl would be appreciated as well.

Preparing for the escort girl to arrive

Get rid of the sand paper growing on your face. Shave before she arrives. It's a rare women who enjoys the feel of sandpaper against their face or other delicate bits. This increases exponentially for an escort, who may (surprise!), be seeing additional clients that evening. Take a shower, too. Every woman likes a fresh and clean smelling male an escort girl is no different.

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