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Escort Guide - Introduction

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How to Use an Escort Service

If you have never used an Escort Agency before, you probably have a few questions and concerns about what exactly you're going to deal with. With your well-being in mind, relax, we have put together this brief guide for you.

What is an escort service

An escort service exists to provide one of two things. Companionship is the first. You're a stranger in a new town, you're in a hotel.
Perhaps you want someone to talk to.  Or perhaps you desire a dining companion? No problem. Escorts Agencies supply women who will happily provide these services. You don't have to go anywhere, you don't have to pick anyone up. You're in your own environment, comfortable in your own space.

Of course, the second thing an escort service provides is a woman to make love to, and that's probably why you're calling in the first place. Keep in mind, that in most countries of the world, with a few notable exceptions such as the Netherlands, an Escort Service can, to stay within the bounds of the law, provide only one thing, companionship this is true for London escort agencies.

What more you get out of hiring an escort is between the two of you, and determined discreetly and behind closed doors.

Does the escort like doing this work?

Many societies deem lovemaking in exchange for money both immoral and repugnant. They project these attitudes upon those engaged in the profession, and make the assumption that those working in the profession feel similar.

Many people do things they don’t feel like doing in 'normal' jobs all day long, don't they? The fact is, no one questions other types of work. But chances are, your escort girl enjoys her work.  Hiring an escort is the same as hiring any other professional who provides a service, a doctor, a lawyer, a therapist, a mechanic---you pay them money and they provide their service. One thing is for sure the escort girl is happy if you use her services otherwise she wouldn’t offer them at all.

Escort work is one of the best gigs out there. It’s a high impact, direct service job and there’s a need for it. Think of escort work similar to being an athlete. Escorts, like most people engaged in a profession, do it because they get paid for it. Many people enjoy their job as well. It's no different for an escort. They enjoy meeting new people and yes, many even do it because they enjoy being intimate.

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