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Frequently asked questions

What is Girlscompany?

Girlscompany is a professional escort agency with an impeccable reputation. We set high standards for our escorts and maintain the highest possible service towards our clients. We pride ourselves of being able to match the wants and needs of clients with the best suited escort girl. Given the many positive reactions and complements we have received over the years and give the many returning customers we are positive we are among the best escort agencies in London.

How do I book an escort girl?

Select the escort girl of your choosing and let us know the desired date, time and place. You can contact us by telephone +44 740 152 6207 or +44 740 173 7542, email or contact form.

I want to book an escort what information do you need from me?

We need to know which escort you would like to book, the date and preferred time . If you want the escort to visit you at your hotel we need to know the name of the hotel, your name and room number. We also require a telephone number where you can be reached.

Is my personal data save?

Absolutely! We do not disclose or share any information with third parties, customer privacy and discretion is mandatory for every employee working at our escort service.

What is the difference between an outcall and incall?

When you book an outcall escort girl the escort will come to your place, in case of an incall escort you will visit the escort at her place.

How many escorts can I book?

You can book as many escorts as you like. If you would like certain escorts to team up it is best to book as soon as possible.

How do I pay?

The preferred method of payment is by cash at the beginning of your appointment.

When do I pay?

Payment is best right at the beginning of your date.

Where can I meet the Escort Girl?

You can meet her at your place of choosing in case of pre-payment. In other instances the place of the initial meet will have to be at a fixed address or Hotel.

I want more time is that possible?

If during the date you decide you want to spend more time with the escort girl you should contact the agencies operator. He will check if it is possible.

Will there be an escorting driver waiting in the street?

That depends. If an escorting driver is required he will be ‘invisible’ guaranteeing discretion and privacy.

How to have the best time with an escort?

Rule of thumb is that there is absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about. Being honest about what youwant and like is the way to go towards a wonderfull time spend with your girl.

Do you have any other question don’t hesitate to contact us.